A mother from Alabama started a mobile ice cream truck so that she could create a job opportunity for her son with Down syndrome. Now, this one-of-a-kind business is “changing the world one ice cream at a time.” Michelle Norwood, a special education teacher, had dreamed of starting an ice cream truck. However, only in 2017 while visiting her sister in Memphis did she patronize her first ice cream truck. But this time, she wanted to open one that could employ her son, Hunter Norwood, and those with other disabilities, according to AL.com. In small rural communities like Dawson, where Michelle’s family lives, it is hard for people like Hunter to find job opportunities, according to Michelle. Thus, the mom was worried that her son “would never experience things that bring gratification, such as a paycheck and a job title.” After one year of research, in August 2018, the ice …


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