Just off Italy’s western Amalfi Coast, between Capri and Positano, lies an amazing spectacle—an island that is shaped like a leaping dolphin. It is a sight that is almost impossible to believe. In an age of Photoshop and earthworks, like the artificially constructed land developments in Dubai, you’d probably be forgiven for thinking that this dolphin-shaped island, too, was a “fake.” But you’d be mistaken. This remarkable island’s shape is the result of nature’s work, and nothing else. The island is in fact a part of a small cluster of jutting rocks, known as the Sirenusas or the Gallos. Being the largest of the group, “Dolphin Island” is known as Gallo Lungo. Don’t for a minute think that its unique shape is all that Gallo Lungo has to offer though. The fascinating history that the island boasts is, in itself, equally as thrilling as the shape it forms. The name …


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